Sermon reflection 2/3/16

Last Sunday we continued looking at Acts 2:42-47. We see in the passage several signs of the Spirit, that is, evidence that God the Holy Spirit is at work in the church at Jerusalem. Two weeks ago we noted such signs: the church’s submission to the apostles’s teaching, devotion to the Lord above all else, and the way they cared for one another.

This last week we looked at two more signs: the fellowship of the believers and their evangelistic efforts. As we at Fox Valley seek to be a church in submission to the Spirit, are there ways we can grow in these two areas? I believe there are. First, we must adopt a posture of humility and ask the Lord to grant us to desire Christian fellowship. Then we must make it a priority to seek out a Christian brother or sister to encourage and be encouraged by in our walk with Jesus. This is a priority we will probably need to put on the calendar to make sure we do it.

We also need to ask God to give us a heart for the lost. Additionally, we must seek out relationships with people who don’t know Jesus. If we’re never around non-Christians, we’ll never have opportunities to share the gospel with them. We may need to rekindle an old friendship, join a secular club, or start viewing ourselves as missionaries in our workplaces. But we must rub shoulders with those who don’t know Christ if we ever hope to share the gospel. And yes, it may be necessary to put this priority on the calendar as well.

I’m so thankful for the fellowship we have at Fox Valley by God’s grace, and for the evangelistic eforts displayed. Let us pray for these more and more for God’s glory.