We sponsor a Cadet club for boys in 4th grade through high school. Cadets is similar to the boy scouts except that Cadets has a distinctively Christian focus. In addition to leaning about outdoorsmanship (camping, hiking, boating, etc.) boys learn about God’s word and how to live in a way which honors Christ. Our counselors are Christian men committed to teaching our boys valuable life skills while modeling Christian values.

We love to enjoy God’s good gifts of friendship as well as the beauty of Creation. We build relationships with one another as we learn and serve together. Some of the activities we like to do together are camping, boating, racing pine wood derby cars, hiking, and the like. Sometimes we join other Cadet clubs in these activities which gives our boys an opportunity to interact and make friends with boys from other clubs.

To learn more about the Cadets’ organization please visit their homepage at calvinistcadets.org

For information about our local club please contact Dave Kragt at (815) 477-7375.