Although church membership is not necessary to be a Christian, it is important. Every follower of Christ should belong to a local church fellowship. Some people attend church on a regular basis without ever becoming members of a church. There are many reasons for this, but perhaps the most common is that they had a bad experience at church in the past and thus decided not to become formally attached again to any church in the future. Others may decline to become members since membership does not seem to bring with it any advantage.

These are all certainly valid points; why then should one seek membership? Membership is like a covenant between the church and the believer. It makes explicit the responsibilities of the church towards the individual Christian (and vice versa) that most people assume. It is expected that the church will spiritually nurture and support members in their walk with Christ through teaching ministries, fellowship opportunities, and spiritual guidance. Similarly, it is expected that members will serve in the church, pray for the needs of those in the church, and work to achieve the vision of the church. Not only does membership make these expectations explicit, but it also provides accountability structures for the church and individual members. Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of membership is the ability to vote during congregational meetings.

Of course we will never pressure one to become a member. That decision is between an individual Christian and the Lord. We will encourage membership but we will never demand or require it of one who is attending our church.

If one is interested in pursuing membership or would like to learn more about what membership entails, please contact Pastor Dan.