Bible-based preaching and teaching.

We always have an open Bible at the pulpit. You won’t hear just some loosey-goosey feel-good fluff. You’ll hear a sermon based on the Word that you can use in your daily life. It sounds serious, but it’s fun and interesting.

Member participation.

We encourage members to participate in the service any way they can. You’ll see people leading the singing, reading scripture, singing solos, doing children’s messages, taking recording, running sound equipment, and other things. You don’t have to, but if you want, there is a way for you to participate too.

Singing / Praying / Offering.

During Service you will see we Sing, Pray, and worship God with everything he has blessed us with.  We find that singing is a great way to “talk back” to God during the service, praising him and raising him up. We also usually have some time to share special prayer requests and notes of praise to lift up as a congregation. If you feel like sharing, go right ahead.  Offerings we feel are a material way we can give back to our Christian Community is an important part of further spreading Gods Word and Light in this world.  So during the Service an offering will be taken, please feel free to contribute if you wish but don’t feel obligated in any way.

A Relaxed Atmosphere.

We aren’t “High Church” or painfully formal. We do use a bulletin, but you can get by without it. If you have never been in church, or are from a different tradition, you don’t have to worry about complicated rules or doing something “wrong.” Laughter is also allowed.

Comfortable Dress.

“Come as you are” describes our dress code well. Nobody will throw you out for wearing jeans and a T-shirt, and nobody will throw you out for wearing a suit, either. God looks on the inside, not the outside, and as long as we approach him sincerely he promises to hear us.